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re: App: Aedrid

Name: Aedrid
Game: World of Warcraft
Server: US - Greymane
Level: 110
Gender: Male
Faction: Alliance
Race: Human
Class: Mage

WoW Armory
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Thank you for your interest in Core. Core is a progressive raiding guild on World of Warcraft\'s realm of Greymane. The guild is based on an ambitious atmosphere, where members work together to create a helpful, respectful and fun environment.\r\n\r\nScheduled raids start at 7:00 PM CST and end at 10:30 PM CST, Tue. and Wed. and we expect members to maintain 80% raid attendance. If you can\'t commit to our schedule or attendance requirements, please do not apply for a raider position. \r\n\r\nWe appreciate the time you take to fill out the application. Please fill it out completely and honestly. Applications that are incomplete, that contain inconsistent information or are sloppy mean that you do not take the application seriously. We won\'t either. This is your first impression. Make it count. \r\n\r\nAn officer will be in contact with you (or respond to your post) within two days after you have submitted your app.\r\n\r\nBecause Core is a WoD raiding guild, we do not accept initiates lower than level 110.\r\n\r\nCore requires a raider to have Ventrilo and the mods: Omen/Diamond Threat Meter as well as Deadly Boss Mods/BigWigs. Core requires a raider to use appropriate pots/flasks/elixirs while raiding (food is provided) and the use of the appropriate enchants/gems on raiding gear. If you cannot install and/or use these minimum requirements, please do not apply.\r\n\r\nTo be ready to raid with Core, applicants will have:\r\n-- Ability to be prepared for fights. This includes awareness of strats and bringing consumables and flasks, being fully gemmed and enchanted.\r\n-- Ability to blend into Core and not expect Core to blend into you.\r\n-- Positive non-disruptive attitude.\r\n-- Prior raid experience. \r\n\r\nApplicants who completely and competently answer ALL questions will have a greater chance of being invited as an initiate.\r\n_________________________________________________________________________________________\r\nCHARACTER\r\n-- Name: Aedrid\r\n-- Class: Mage\r\n-- Level:110\r\n-- Race:Human\r\n-- Talent Spec: Arcane Weapon is ilvl 964 with all tier 2 traits unlocked in the crucible. Have BiS legendaries. \r\n-- Off Spec:Frost Still working on tier 2 traits. ilvl of weapon is 950. Running Glacial Spike build and 2p/4p set with BiS legendaries. \r\n-- Professions:Inscription (max level) \r\n-- Time played:2+ years\r\n-- Age (must be 18+): 44\r\n\r\nSCHEDULE\r\n-- Time Zone: Atlantic/EST\r\n-- Average playtime per week (hours): 40+\r\n-- Are there any days which you are unavailable to play?: No\r\n\r\nRAIDING PREPARATION:\r\n-- Specifically which consumables do you bring with you to raids?: Tomes and Codexes\r\n-- Do you have vent installed and have a mic? This is required and needs to be working at the time you apply: No but can get vent installed and familiar with voice programs\r\n\r\nGEAR\r\n-- Armory Link: (please log out in MS gear)\r\n\r\nGUILD INFO:\r\n-- Past guilds/realms and reasons for leaving: Betrayed on Zul\'jin. Guild is dying, Raid Team folded. Would stay and try to rebuild but GM and Co-GM\'s haven\'t logged on in weeks so feel it\'s time to move on. \r\n-- Current guild:Betrayed\r\n-- What are you looking for in a guild?: Active current content raiders, LGBT friendly, witty banter, fellowship, running old content and M+ with skilled guildies, having a good time. \r\n-- Why do you want to join Core and what do you expect from us?: Julise reached out to my forum post and from what she wrote and said in our conversation this guild seems to be a good fit for me. \r\n-- What value-add will you provide to Core and to Core\'s raid team?: Dedication, witty banter in chat, strive to win and open to feedback and input to aid in my betterment and development. \r\n\r\n\r\nREFERENCES\r\n-- Please list any Core members you know who will vouch for you:\r\n-- Are you applying with a friend? If so, please list the character name of your friend:\r\n\r\nCOMMENTS\r\n-- Feel free to tell us about yourself and add any additional comments relevant to your application (personality, gaming style, interests, etc.): I\'m a very dedicated gamer. I play 40+ hours per week and enjoy the social aspects of guild life. I love raiding and want to experience all PVE content the game offers. I have a competitive nature when it comes to gamin in that I want to be the best I can be (not neccessarily the best arcane mage on the block) and have put a lot of effort in the last year into understanding my spec and improving my performance. I want the best gear I can have (though usually happy if I get one decent gear upgrade per week). I\'ve fortunately reached the point where other mages in my guild and in pugs ask my advice on how to improve their performance so I guess "i\'ve arrived." I\'m a 44 year old healthcare professional and I am a member of the LGBT community. I am weary of the toxic nature of pugging and would want to belong to a group that understands that there\'s a line between playful banter and offensive comments. Social awareness is what I\'m looking for. \r\n\r\n\r\nContact Julise or Ebbie for more information regarding your application.

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